D 1.1 - High-level roundtable discussion with representatives of past and existing relevant EU efforts complementary to this COST Action

D 2.1 - Survey and report on industrial needs and main challenges underpinning industrial processes

D 2.2 - Practical sessions between academia and industry

D 3.1 - Guidelines and Codes of good practices referring to the manufacturing processes of CNM composites

D 4.2 - Joint papers on advanced sensing applications

D 5.2 - Report on simulation methodologies and methods for properties prediction of CNM composites

D 6.1 - Design of multimodal characterisation system(s) that incorporate complementary techniques relevant for carbon-based nanocomposites research

D 7.1 - Survey on standards for carbon-based nanocomposites (safety issues) and Sensing devices

D 9.1 - Action web-site creation with content for public access and yearly periodic update

D 9.2 - Dissemination Plan including Workshops, Summer Schools, Conferences, Trainings, STSMs, participation in events

D 9.3 - Call for ITC Conference Grants for Early Careers Investigators in ITC countries conducting research in CNMs composites