ITC Conference Grants

What are ITC Conference Grants?


ITC Conference Grants support the participation of Young Researchers and Innovators (<40 yrs. old) affiliated in an Inclusiveness Target Country/Near Neighbor Country to high-level conferences related to the scientific themes of the Action to present their own work, either as oral or poster presentation.

Currently, CA19118 ESSENCE calls for ITC Conference Grants Applications targeting participation at conferences that will take place before 31st October 2022. The call is continuous.

ITC Conference Grants provide contribution for traveling, accommodation and subsistence expenses, registration fee, printing of scientific poster and overall effort. Up to EUR 2 000,00 per grant for face to-face conferences or EUR 500.00 for virtual conferences.

COST Inclusiveness Target Countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine

COST Near Neighbor Countries: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisa, Ukraine.

More information can be found in Section 1.2.1 of the Annotated Rules for COST Actions.

How to Apply?

Applications for ITC Conference Grants are first submitted on the e-COST website:

To be filled in e-COST:
• Title of the presentation
• Conference title, date (within the active Grant Period) and country;
• Budget requested;
• Attendance Type (face to face or virtual)

To be uploaded to e-COST:
• Application form (template available on e-COST) describing: Relevance of the conference topic to the Action and Motivation describing the potential for
impact on the applicant’s career.
• Copy of the abstract of the accepted oral or poster presentation;
• Acceptance letter from the conference organisers;
• CV


The following documents must also be e-mailed to the ESSENCE Grant Awarding Coordinator, Dr. Stefan G. Stanciu :
• document generated by e-COST,
• a CV, including a list of academic publications if applicable,
• acceptance letter from the conference organizers (confirming either your speaking slot or your poster presentation),
• a copy of the abstract or poster submitted to the conference.
Applicants must be eligible (see Annotated Rules for COST Actions, Section 1.2.1) and the papers/poster submitted to the conference must be in line with the Action scientific objectives.

The applications will be ranked by the ITC Conference grant responsible together with the WG leaders based on:
• scientific quality of the paper/poster accepted at the conference
• CV of the applicant
• benefit to the development of the COST Action
The selection will follow COST policies on gender inclusiveness and geographical balance.
The final ranking will be approved by the Action Chair and Co-Chair.

The researchers who applied to the call will receive the results of the selection from the ESSENCE Grant Awarding Coordinator. The selected researchers should wait for the official invitation from the Grant Holder before booking any travel arrangements and paying conference fees.
The selected researchers will have to acknowledge the COST Action in their final contribution to the conference.

Important note: The selected grantees must ensure to provide a document regarding the Avoidance of Double Taxation, in order to avoid a 20% withholding on their calculated daily allowance amount. This document must be filled in, signed and stamped from the tax office of the grantees’ country.