After the STSM

Formal report after the STSM

Successful applicants must submit a scientific report to the Host Institution and to the STSM Coordinator within 30 days from the end date of the STSM, and they will be responsible for acquiring from a senior researcher affiliated to the Host Institution confirmation of formal acceptance of the scientific report. The report should describe:

  • Purpose of the visit (Statement of the project aim(s) and objectives)
  • Description of the work carried out (Describe the work that was undertaken)
  • Description of the main results obtained (Describe the main outcomes of the work)
  • Future collaboration with host institution (Describe any likely follow-on work with the host institution arising from the visit- if applicable)
  • Projected publications/articles resulting or to result from the STSM (Mention any publications that may arise from the visit – if applicable)
  • Confirmation by the host of the successful execution of the mission (Provide a brief affirmation by the Host researcher -with their signature- that the STSM was carried out successfully. It can be included in the report or as a separate accompanying document)
  • Other comments (if any)

Applicants are required to submit to the MC Chair, and STSM coordinator the report within 1 month of the STSM visit. No payment will be made from the COST Office until this report is submitted. The scientific report will also require the approval of STSM Coordinator in order to affect the payment of the Grant.

Publications resulting from STSM activities should acknowledge COST Action CA19118 (EsSENce) support.

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a brief of the STSM outputs for the Action’s website describing in summary the scientific report which will also be made available online, and be prepared to participate in the Action’s events with a poster about their STSM when applicable or when requested by the STSM coordinator.

A brief synopis for the CA19118 EsSENce website containing

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Research Interest (one sentence)
  • Summary of research completed in STSM (<400 words)
  • Synthesis and application [of research?] (<100 words)
  • Wider benefit of the STSM to the participant (<200 words)
  • Key Outputs
  • A photograph of of the STSM grantee together with its collaborators at the Host Institution, is very welcome.