Submit an STSM application

The 10th STSM Call of CA19118 ESSENCE accepts applications to be submitted by 29th of February 2024. An 11th Call will immediately follow, to be launched on 1st of March 2024, but applicants should be advised that current rules and scoring criterions may suffer modifications. The implementation period of the proposed STSMs should not exceed the implementation period of Grant Period 4. All proposed STSMs should be finalized before 31st of October 2024.

Within COST Action CA19118, STSM applications should be submitted according the procedure detailed below:

Step 1
Formal agreement and on-line registration by the applicant
  1. Obtain a written agreement of the host institution, before applying.
  2. The applicant starts an STSM application by logging into e-COST: and clicking on the STSM application tab.
  3. The Applicant must use the on-line registration tool to register their request for an STSM, at least 3 weeks before the beginning of the STSM.

Step 2
Formal STSM application and annexes

After encoding the information and pressing the “submit” button the online registration tool will issue a formal STSM application that will reach immediately the STSM coordinator. The Applicant must submit by e-mail to the STSM Coordinator the supporting documents :

  1. STSM Proposal
  2. Letter of support from the HOME institute (that, for scientists holding a PhD degree can be substituted by an affidavit)
  3. Letter of support from the HOST institute
  4. Curriculum Vitae with list of publications (if applicable)

Before initiating the next step of the evaluation procedure, which consist in independent review of the application by three independent experts, the STSM Coordinator will confer with the Action Chair, to confirm that the work plan is in line with the Action’s objectives, and will decide if the requested amount does not exceed the level of the Grant that can be awarded. Furthermore, a careful check of the supporting documents will be performed, to ensure that these are valid.

Step 3
Assessment of the STSM

Upon each STSM Call Closing date, the EsSENce STSM Evaluation Committee will perform the scientific and budgetary assessment of the applications considering the Action objectives and the previously defined evaluation criteria. The committee will also define an acceptable funding level for the approved applications. The amount of the awarded Grant can never be higher than what the applicant requested.

If the application is rejected, the STSM coordinator must provide a justification to guide the applicant in her/his resubmission.

Step 4
Approval from the STSM coordinator and Chair of the Action

The STSM coordinator and Chair informs the COST and the Grant Holder that the proposed STSM has been approved.



The application goal is to foster collaboration in the field of “High-performance Carbon-based composites with Smart properties for Advanced Sensing Applications”. While STSM applications aimed at consolidating existing collaborations will also be eligible, applications aimed at establishing new scientific contacts will be particularly encouraged.
The STSM serves for the exchange of know-how, meaning that researchers either exchange expertise due to the planned scientific visit, get practical skills by learning unique “technology” not available in their home institution and/or learn new theoretical methods or experimental approaches


The scientific quality of the proposed STSM is high, its timeliness is justified, and the work plan for its realization is well founded.
The application should be financially justified meaning that the estimate of expenses is reasonable.
Please note: The final selection of the applicant is the responsibility of the STSMs coordinator and the Chair of the Management Committee of the Action.


  • Relevance of the STSM objectives with respect to EsSENce topics and objectives 20% 20%
  • Excellence and impact of the research to be carried out during the proposed STSM 30% 30%
  • Implementation feasibility 20% 20%
  • Relevance of the Host Lab’s expertise to support the STSM goals 10% 10%
  • Applicant’s CV 10% 10%
  • Dissemination perspectives 10% 10%

Thresholds:  For all criterions, the threshold will be set at 50%, except for the first, to be thresholded at 75%. The threshold will be calculated based on the average scores of the appointed reviewers.


  • If the applicant was involved in a previous EsSENce STSM
  • Geographical distribution of applicants across the same STSM call*
  • Gender balance across the same STSM Call*
  • Existing ongoing collaboration between the STSM candidate and the host lab (no previous collaborations will favor the applicant)
  • Balance across Workgroups (STSM proposals should nominate the WG to which their STSM is aligned)

*A call for STSMs will be continuously OPENED, and Applications can be submitted any time. However, the STSM Calls will be subjected to monthly cut-off dates, when aspects such as the geographical distribution of applicants, gender balance, or balance across work packages will be assessed.