COST Academy webinar series | Webinar on Researcher Mental Health

May 17, 2023

The COST EsSENce Action Science Communication Coordinator was informed by the COST Academy that the fifth and final webinar of the series focusing on the work and topics of COST Actions from multiple fields is organized. The webinars are aimed at all participants of the COST Actions research networks, so please feel free to share the information with your Action network colleagues. 

This webinar will be presented by COST Action CA19117 Researcher Mental Health (ReMO) and will take place on Thursday 22 June, 11:00-12:00 CET.

The webinar will focus on the importance of wellbeing and mental health within academia. Previous research shows that low levels of wellbeing and mental health problems have a negative impact on individual, team and organizational performance, triggering significant costs. In addition, institutional context, organizational structure and culture, as well as managerial practices have significant impact on wellbeing and health of employees. Therefore, general insights on the causes of workplace wellbeing and mental health need to be refined in order to develop tailored, effective and efficient prevention and action programmes. This webinar will include a short presentation of the ReMO COST Action and cover topics such as collecting evidence for effective interventions, the ReMO Ambassador training programme, and policy recommendations towards better academic wellbeing.

Registration link (open until 21 June):

Password: CAWEB0623



You can still register also for the webinar on Bullying, Migration and Integration at School Level on Wednesday 24 May, 11:00-12:00 CET presented by CA18115 (TRIBES), which will focus on the important topic of the role of schools as an essential part of social stability and integration policy both at national and EU level.

Use the registration link below latest on 23 May to join us to learn more on the topic:

Registration link:

Password: CA05WEBINAR

Looking forward to seeing you in the webinars! Should you have any questions on them, please let us know.