20th European Conference on Composite Materials

Nov 29, 2021

The 20th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM20) will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland between June 26-30, 2022. The Conference Theme is “Composites meet Sustainability”. A Special Session of EsSEnce is planned to be hosted.

Deadline for submission of the abstracts 15/12/2021.

The ECCM brings together participants from academia and industry with common interests in all fields of Composite Materials. This dynamic conference is the European forum for knowledge exchange on the recent accomplishments and the future trends in Composite Materials. ECCM is the regular meeting point for composite specialists and newcomers and is traditionally the place where people meet each other and establish long-lasting friendships and collaborations. In our Cost-Action we are looking on high-performance carbon-based composites with smart properties for advanced sensing applications. Real-time monitoring functions in different equipment and devices without the cost of structural integration will help to improve the sustainability of composites in the future. Therefore, a special session on such carbon-based sensor materials will be a benefit for this conference and vice versa.