Guidelines for reimbursement

Oct 19, 2021

Dear all,

For any reimbursement that refers to travels (STSMs, Training Schools or other Grants) you must make sure that you have an e-cost profile. If you don’t have one, please visit the link and create one. An invitation via e-cost will be send. It is crucial to be accepted from the participant and thus, an up-to-date e-cost profile is required.

Prior to your travel:

A request to the Financial Office of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), which is the Grand Holder, needs to be done and approved prior to each expense and thus, some relevant information may be asked such as:

  1. The dates of your travel
  2. Current home address of yours
  3. Code region number
  4. Identity or passport or Social Security Number

After your travel:

You will have to upload all the required documents to the e-cost platform for your TRR:

  1. The online reservation of plane/train tickets
  2. The invoice/receipt of plane/train tickets (please, make sure that the word invoice/receipt is written on the document)
  3. The bank transaction for paying the tickets
  4. The hotel receipt/invoice (only in absence of DTA)
  5. The bank transaction for paying the hotel (only in absence of DTA)
  6. A typical invoice on the daily allowance, signed by you (It will be sent to you, after you have completed the TRR procedure at e-cost platform)
  7. The Avoidance of Double Taxation


Avoidance of Double taxation will be requested to be filled in, stamped and signed from your local Taxes Offices in order to avoid double taxation. Otherwise, there will be withholding of 20% on your daily allowance. The document should be sent as a pdf via email to the Grand Holder Manager (Dr. Nikolina Chronopoulou- ) and then via regular post office (ask the address from Nikolina Chronopoulou). Note that this document, once it is filled in, is valid for one financial year.

Find here the proper way to fill in the Double Taxation Avoidance (Avoidance of Double taxation_SAMPLE). For more information, please check the link:

Please note that, for those who cannot provide the Double Taxation Avoidance and in order to reduce the withholding, the hotel’s invoice and bank transaction must be provided.

A typical invoice (Invoice) will be asked for the daily allowance and will be send to you by the Grand Holder Manager.

For LOS, Double taxation avoidance is not required but a typical invoice must be filled in.