One-day WG7 Scientific Meeting

Aug 25, 2021

This one-day WG7 (Safety & Standards) Scientific Meeting for Participants to give talks, share ideas and results and to discuss collaborative projects ideas and plans for grant applications. “The goal of EsSENce is to develop an innovation scientific hub at European and International level, focusing on advanced composite materials reinforced with Carbon based (nano)materials (CNMs). The sharing of ideas and results will boost the development of high-performance composites with sensing properties.” The WG7 Scientific Meeting will be “in presence” for a limited number of Participants and “online” for other CA19118 EsSENse Participants. Contact to request a Zoom invitation –


Sharali Malik – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/IQMT

Rouven Pfleger – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/AOC